Summing Up Our Summer Efforts

We’ve been busy! To say the least! Since March of this year we have dovediveddiven…JUMPED in with both feet into a big push to get our group onto the national stage. It all started with a decision to just go for it. Yep. No holds barred. We needed to define our brand and get a logo. Done. Masterworks 6 it is. Why the name? Well, we are all highly trained musicians who spend a great deal of time working with orchestras. We are so familiar with the great works of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, and Contemporary masters, but we also all have an affinity for the great works of artists such as Ellington and Pink Floyd. There are so many great works by so many great composers. We want to highlight the best of those artists with our own take on it. That’s where I came up with the tag line “Epic Tunes Recast In Brass.”

We also knew we needed a press kit and that meant audio and video. So, we began by shooting a rehearsal video of But Beautiful, a lovely little jazz ballad, recorded during just two takes. We then scheduled a video shoot, photo shoot, and audio session and shot Stairway to Heaven and Frankenstein. Since then, we’ve engaged a staff arranger, artist management, photographer, graphic artist, audio and video editors, and scheduled a BIG concert to preview our musical offerings. That concert will showcase half of our big band program and half of our classic rock program. 

I’ve also delved into the social media and have to admit that it is a bit daunting to manage information releases and media on a regular basis, but, I’m learning! 

What’s our goal? Well, we want to take over the world! Musically speaking, of course. Truly, I want to get this group out and in front of as many people as possible. Can we do it! Yes we can! (I have to attribute that quote to Bob the Builder). We are inviting you to join us on August 31st at 2pm at the University of Indianapolis for a terrific afternoon of music. Invite your friends and family and come enjoy some musical masterworks.

We look forward to meeting you after the concert!

Larry Powell
Music Director & Trumpet