“Thank you so much for making the trip to Aberdeen in January (2017). We are so grateful for the opportunity to perform on stage with you! What an awesome experience it was for us! The students continue to comment on how this was one of their best band moments ever. They had so much fun in an educational setting-they probably didn’t even realize there was education going on! I really feel it was an eye opening experience for some of them. You are all such talented musicians, but you are also very kind and accommodating which the students recognized. You made them comfortable in a setting that could be intimidating. The experience gained and the memories made by the students and me will be remembered for a long time! Thank you!!
Kimberly Card, Aberdeen Roncalli Band Director

“I am so glad we had you guys. What a great show!”
Dan Heerts, Presenter, West Salem, WI

“I have not heard such a fantastic and interesting performance by a brass quintet in a long time! Awesome charts and spot on performance.”
Freddie Mendoza, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Indianapolis

The Forge isn’t your average brass group. All members of this new, gifted ensemble comprised of Larry Powell and Dan Golando on trumpet, Caleb Ketcham and Chaz Rhodes on trombone, bass trombonistEvan Conroy,and Mack Lamont on drumset are classically trained, but have a passion for playing not so classical music.

We were treated to classic rock by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Queen. “Bohemian Rhapsody” for brass sextet was simply awesome, and Powell and Golando really rocked some solos with their electronically distorted trumpets, turning them in to guitars. I look forward to hearing them again and in case they’re taking requests, I nominate The Rolling Stones and The Who.
NUVO, September 2, 2014

“It’s really nice to hear a group that can play both classical and more contemporary styles so well.”
Leigh Pilzer, Saxophone, Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra

“I really enjoyed your concert the other day—serious energy plus serious chops and damn ¬†good songs are a great combo!”
Chantal Incandela, Concert Reviewer, NUVO

“Larry, I’m so glad you are doing this, and it is so great to see someone who consistently moves the bar up!”
Hope Oaks, Indianapolis area Bagpiper

“We were pleased to have The Forge lead us in worship. They brought great energy and marvelous sound. We hope to have them back again!”
Rev. Carrie Smith-Coons, Fairview Presbyterian Church